Celebrating 10 Years of Dedication and Excellence

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Today UAVExperts.com and Atlantahobby.com celebrated with three company associates who have reached ten years of dedication and excellence. Please help us congratulate Joel Shreenan, Russell Huff, and Greg Ledford!

Cliff Whitney, the companies CEO, remarked of the occasion, “We are not just a box moving company, there are real people here, we are family, and this family is truly blessed. The entire team’s goal is to share our experience and passion for flight and to help our clients solve their challenges. These three men are examples of excellence.

Joel Shreenan is the companies webmaster and holds the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate. He is an airborne Veteran and member of the Civil Air Patrol. Joel is the wizard behind the curtain that makes us look good every day.

Russell Huff is 81 years young, still rides a motorcycle when his wife is not looking and is also a respected Navy Veteran. We call him Dr. Huff as he has forgotten more about remote control flying than I will ever learn.

Greg Ledford is the head of our build, upgrade and repair center including all of the technical support team and he is also one of our flight instructors. Greg has his FAA 107 Remote Pilot certificate and has more UAV air time and technical expertise than most people in the USA.

This rapidly growing UAV/ drone industry is such an emotional space. When you think about it, it not only touches lives and businesses, but it has the capability of changing the world at all stages. I feel very rewarded to know that professionals like Joel, Russell, and Greg are building incredible products that enable our clients, to take their business to the next level. With folks like these three, we can actually move society forward in a positive way using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

All of us are excited to be a part of this new frontier and could not be more proud of these three men!”


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