Cheap WiFi Repeater Setup for Long Range Drone Control

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A cheap WiFi repeater amplifier can be used to control any of your toy WiFi FPV quadcopter for hundreds of meters. Find the Xiaomi repeater here , and you’ll also need a power bank. Take your pick here

– Amplifies and retransmits signal from your phone to the quadcopter and vice versa. The end result is that your cheap WiFi quadcopter may be able to control your toy WiFi quadcopter farther than you can see it.
– Will also transmit FPV video signal for approximately the same control range.

– Best used without a separate controller (i.e. it’s best to control the quadcopter using your phone only). A separate controller will create interference on the 2.4Ghz WiFi band, thus reducing maximum performance of the repeater.
– Requires an initial setup to bind the repeater to the quadcopter. The setup can be a little complex as shown in this video. But most toy quadcopters do not have a WiFi password, which simplifies the setup a bit. Also, once setup, the repeater remembers the quadcopter’s signal for all future flights (no further setup required).

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