Cheapest drone for a GoPro? – HuanQi H899

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People ask me all the time.. “Whats the cheapest drone I can buy to put my GoPro on? This one is under $100. Check out what Lightake sent us… the HuanQi H899. This drone can fly your Gopro Hero 3 or 4. Snap it on and go make 4K videos. Also comes with a screen for an “almost” realtime video stream.

Buy an H899 one from Lightake here:

– Multiple flight modes
– GoPro compatible!
– Comes with a false GoPro style camera for Fpv.
– Great size! As large as a Phantom drone
– Perfect drone before you buy a Phantom
– Easy to use and build
– Long battery flight time
– Flashing leds on low battery
– Flies in wind
– Fast!!!
– Does flips
– Modular and accepts a variety of cameras

– No 2-3 Axis gimbal
– Needs self-tightening props
– Little lag on the video feed

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