Cheerson CX-91 Jumper Upgrade FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review

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With this quad, you may actually be able to do true aerobatic loops, barrel rolls, and maybe even Immelmann’s. Coming soon to Banggood as the first vendor to receive this

This upgrade to the CX-91 Jumper includes more powerful motors, and upgraded ESC’s to accommodate these motors. Not for beginners, this is no “learn to fly” quadcopter. But advanced racer pilots may also be disappointed as the flight control software can not be fine tuned, and also by the absence of Rate mode. This is primarily intended for intermediate pilots wishing to enter into FPV racing. And it does this very well with a racing quadcopter that’s ready to fly right out of the box (well, after you put on its props :).

Includes two flight modes. Beginner’s which includes stabilization and angle tilt restriction (a.k.a. Angle Mode), and Expert which includes stabilization, but no angle restriction (a.k.a. Horizon Mode). In Expert mode it’s very easy for most intermediate fliers to do manual flips and rolls with the pitch/roll stick. If you get into trouble, just let go of the stick and it quickly levels itself. Although it’s intended as a racer trainer, it sure is a lot of fun just flying it for its sport abilities. With practice, you may actually be able to do true aerobatic loops, barrel rolls, and maybe even Immelmann’s (Google it ;-).

– New more powerful motors, and new ESC design.
– Fast, maneuverable, and sporty, yet with strong stabilization that quickly takes over when you let loose the sticks. Intermediates and above should have no problems at all doing manual stunts with this.
– Includes 720p HD FPV camera, 32Channel transmitter, 32 channel receiver and monitor, and on board video recorder for recording your flight.

– All plastic construction (no carbon composite).
– Flight control software can not be tuned or modified. How it flies out of the box is how it’s always going to fly.
– No Rate Mode (no angle restriction and no stabilization). Will disappoint advanced fliers.

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