CX-10W, Kicked out of SAFEWAY, Review & Flight

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This Episode: Tons of laughs. Kicked out of Safeway, smelt weed, saw a cool truck, flew the CX-10W, and gave it away to one lucky guy on the street.

Buy a CX-10W from Banggood here:

– Charges quick
– Small size
– Fpv screen
– Smartphone controlled
– Wifi
– Easy to setup
– Fast!
– Takes video and photos
– Saves video to phone
– Cheap to buy
– durable in crashes
– variable flight modes
– fun to fly
– easy to use app
– start and stop video from app

– Hard to see fpv and fly
– Hard to control sometimes
– super fast to watch on screen
– better indoor flier than outdoor
– short range
– does not fly in any wind

Review courtesy of
Drone Camps RC

Music by Joakim Karud

Get your product reviewed please

Drone Camps RC


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