DJI Expands Into New Industry.. But Why?

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It looks like DJI is on the move and looking to expand its creative possibilities into new and exciting industries. The global leader, known for its innovative drone technology, has announced a new strategic partnership with Zanybros.

Zanybros is South Korea’s top production house, specializing in music video and commercial filmmaking. The company has evolved to become one of the most influential creative agencies with iconic K-pop music videos including Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart,” Taeyeon’s “I,” Exo’s “Overdose,” and Hyuna’s “RED.”

The strategic partnership will see DJI providing hardware and technical support to Zanybros’ future filming and production projects. Plans to collaborate on training programs for music and entertainment industry professionals are also in the works.

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“The Korean Wave has evolved from a regional development into a global phenomenon, and a lot of this has to do with the proliferation of film, music, and online video content,” said Tae-hyun Moon, DJI Director of Brand Marketing and Operations. “This multifaceted collaboration will create opportunities for us to combine the technical knowledge and creative spirits of two industry leaders in areas of aerial content production and professional filmmaking.”

This partnership has powerful potential. To prove it, the companies released the “Love Whisper” music video. The video includes DJI’s equipment, accompanied by the popular K-pop girl group GFriend.

In just three short weeks the YouTube video has gone viral, with more than 22 million YouTube views. Look our world, DJI is proving once again that the sky is NOT the limit for this powerhouse company.


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