DJI Releases The Privacy Mode For Drone Operators

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Last month DJI amped up their security and released “Local Data Mode“, today they launched a new version of Local Data Mode. This new version has the capability to stop internet traffic to and from its DJI Pilot app, providing enhanced data privacy assurances for both sensitive government and enterprise customers.

In the announcement made this morning, the company states that “Local Data Mode will be available in the next update on the DJI Pilot app on CrystalSky and for select Android tablets”.  When the Local Data Mode is activated, the app will stop sending or receiving any data over the internet. To activate, open the DJI Pilot app, click on “Activate LDM Mode” and enter a password (required to deactivate Local Data Mode).

Local Data Mode blocks all internet data. When internet data is blocked, the DJI Pilot app will not be able to:

  • Detect the location of the user
  • Show the map and geofencing information (No Fly Zones and temporary flight restrictions)
  • Notify drone operators of firmware updates

DJI wants to remind drone operators that when using Local Data Mode, “they are solely responsible for the safety of their flight operation and that they understand that features that may enhance and support the safety of their operations, but that rely on internet connectivity, are no longer available”. Telemetry data on flight logs such as altitude, distance or speed will remain stored on the aircraft even if the user deactivates Local Data Mode.

New drones will still have to be activated. This can be done by logging into the user’s DJI account with an email and a password. To ensure the drone has the latest firmware, users can download and update it while they have internet connectivity before re-activating Local Data Mode.

The Local Data Mode feature may not be available in locations where an internet connection is required or highly advisable due to local regulations.

For more information, and to download the DJI Pilot app, please visit


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