Drone Dance Show Group Continues to Amaze with Twinkle and the Drone Show Coin

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There’s no doubt that the Colorado Springs Drone Dance Group is a phenomenally skilled and talented group of pilots.  The brain child of drone pilot and CMO Csilla Brimer, the Drone Dance Show is  a synchronized dance of 15-20 drones equipped with 15,000 LED lights in swarming formations, in collaboration with music, acrobatics, special effects; all performed against a spectacular landscape.  But the creators of the Dance Show have come up with two new ways to impress and amaze.

Drone Dance Show Group designed a custom built drone specifically to perform drone shows.  While building their dancing drones, they got a lot of questions from other pilots and creatives who wanted to create their own shows: and because the group is passionate about their new art form and the evolution of drone entertainment, they created a drone platform just for the purpose.

Meet Twinkle.

Twinkle – in it’s prototype phase – is the world’s first entertainment drone with built-in injected LED lights into a transparent drone frame. Twinkle is lightweight, durable, and nearly wind-resistant.  It’s six motors mean it can still operate safely even with a motor failure.

Twinkle will come with a specific dancing drone software that has choreographed moves pre-programmed to help buyers create their own drone show.  “A tremendous amount of love goes into the development of a new drone,” says Brimer.  “Because of that, these drone babies became like second children!”

But the newly formed company’s creative ideas don’t stop there.  The team is introducing the Drone Show Coin (DSC), the first drone coin associated with the world’s first drone specifically designed for entertainment purposes.  The team announces their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 1st of November at 9am EST.

Drone Show Coin is a crypto-token created on the Ethereum platform blockchain using “smart contracts”, a decentralized cryptocurrency network that offers dynamic solutions to the barriers and interference threats genetic to honeypot platforms.

“A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is not owned, controlled or managed by any government, individual, king or powerful organization,” says the Drone Dance Show. “It is public and decentralized. It is not stored on any server. It can not be shut down. It is not printed by any banks….[it] completely cuts out the middleman whenever a transaction is made – therefore there is no transaction charge.”

“The blockchain is very hard to hack because it keeps track of all transactions, and you can not invent fictitious transactions. Perhaps one of the most preferred aspect of cryptocurrencies is that the value of the cryptocurrency is the same globally. ”

It makes sense that a company whose primary passion is to share their love of drones by creating entertainment – and whose members are musicians and computer scientists, nuclear physicists, and IT and electronics experts – would choose this method of investment.  It’s another creative offering by a team that knows how to keep their audience enthralled.






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