Drone Delivery Canada is Proving it Can Be Done Anywhere

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Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) is proving the case for drone delivery anywhere as Canada’s regulatory transportation authority has granted the company a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).

DDC has already received two previous certificates – but this additional approval means that the company could conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, a critical component of a drone delivery implementation.


“The Company has been working around the clock to achieve compliant status and is both grateful and appreciative of being recognized as a professional and safe operator of unmanned aircraft (UAS) by Transport Canada. Realizing this milestone enables DDC to continue moving towards becoming a leader in drone delivery services for Canadians by Canadians across our vast geography”, commented Mark Wuennenberg, Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs Drone Delivery Canada.

“Approval of this certificate is the starting point for the commercialization of drone delivery services in Canada. To this end, DDC intends to work with Transport Canada to trial beyond visual range delivery solutions in remote areas of Canada’s north,” says the company.

DDC is not only a technology company but also a logistics company.  Their programs of delivery both to consumers and depots make delivery programs in the rural and remote areas of Canada feasible, offering significant benefits to retailers and consumers alike.  With the new certification, implementation looks closer – and a solid example of a delivery program could make programs in the U.S. and Europe more likely.

Drone delivery is already successful in healthcare applications around the world, including major projects utilizing a drone corridor in Malawi and Zipline’s program in Rwanda.  While Amazon and other retailers have been fighting to move ahead on drone delivery in the U.S., testing has been limited to FAA test sites.  But as NASA’s UTM program and progress towards BVLOS flight continues, drone delivery gets closer to reality.


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