Drone Films 80 Ton Whales In 4K

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DJI 4K Drone Films 80 Ton Whales in HermanusLuke Maximo Bell

Every year large numbers of Southern Right Whales travel from the Antarctic to the warmer Walker Bay off the coast of South Africa to calve and mate. Located about an hour and a half out of Cape Town, Hermanus is a seaside town that offers one of the best whale watching spots in the world, welcoming dozens of these gentle ocean creatures each year.

Luke Maximo Bell, creator of the drone videos “Mini South Africa Drone Video” and “The Ultimate Drone Selfie in Cape Town“, could not pass up on the opportunity to capture migrating whales. He and his girlfriend drove up to Hermanus for a few days hoping that they’d be lucky enough to find what they were looking for.

On their first afternoon there, they headed straight to a lookout point and launched this DJI 4K drone and within minutes they located a pod of about six or seven whales twirling, splashing and frolicking in the ocean. The drone gave them a whole new perspective on what they could see from the shore, allowing Bell to capture some of the beauty, elegance and mammoth size of these spring-time visitors on video.

This is what drones were made to do – capture shots that you cannot capture any other way, and he did just that. Over the short time they were there, they were completely mesmerized by the whales and by the opportunity to view them from such a unique angle. These gigantic beauties will still be spouting all over the Hermanus coastline for the next few weeks so head over there and see them for yourself!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to book my next trip to South Africa. Feel free to comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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