Drone Operator Assists In Public Safety

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It looks like a local man in the Marshfield area has come to the rescue with his trusty drone. Hub City Times reports that Branden Bodendorfer, a drone pilot, was recently called in when Steve and Mollie Schrodi’s dog Jax went missing in the McMillan Marsh.

A happy ending

“On Saturday, (Oct. 28, Mollie and Steve) went out for a walk in the early evening I would say, and in the process of going for a walk, the dog got loose,” said Bodendorfer. “I believe there were some waterfowl there, and the dog got excited and basically got away from them.

“It ended up that they searched Saturday night. They searched all day Sunday, and they searched all day Monday, and then Mollie put out a post on Facebook at 1:27 p.m. saying, ‘Does anybody have a drone or know somebody that could use a drone?’ So a number of people commented about, … and somehow they got my phone number.

“They called me and left a message, and I immediately called them back. Then by 3 p.m. I was actually in the marsh. We searched until about 4:45 p.m. because the sun was going down.”

Steve gave Bodendorfer specific locations where the family had passed through, and they made scans with the drone.

“We drive by the marsh every day, and you don’t realize how big it actually is,” Bodendorfer said. “I mean we can drive around the marsh in five or six minutes with our car, but when you are on foot or when you are looking for a 50-pound dog, how big is it really?”

Bodendorfer had recently completed search and rescue training with the Wisconsin Drone Network, which is facilitated by the Wisconsin Capitol Police. Continue reading about a search and rescue missing.


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