Drone Startup Thinks It Can Take On DJI

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Drone Startup Thinks It Can Take On DJISkydio

Here we go again, Quartz reports that a new U.S. based drone startup thinks it’s ready to take on DJI where others have failed.

Yesterday, Feb. 13, a robotics startup called Skydio announced it will begin selling a new drone called the R1, which it says delivers “on the promise of the self-flying camera.”

It’ll attempt to take on Chinese consumer-drone powerhouse DJI, which has pretty much cornered the high-end market. Those who have come before it, including 3D Robotics, founded by former Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, and GoPro, have not fared well. Both companies ended up exiting the market after not being able to keep up with DJI’s pace of innovation. Another startup, Lily Robotics, claimed to have built a selfie drone that you could toss up and start filming within seconds. It failed to even ship a product before folding.

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Adam Bry, Skydio’s CEO and co-founder, told Quartz that he wanted to create something that was actually easy to use. Many of the best consumer drones on the market today, including DJI’s, still require complicated apps or dedicated remotes to fly properly. They’re fiddly and often not particularly easy to wrap your head around, especially if you’re a newbie in drone flying.

Bry wants to change this. He and his cofounders met as grad students at MIT in 2007, and have been working on autonomous flying systems for over a decade. His final project was building a modern airplane that could fly around on its own. Continue reading about DJI’s newest competition. 


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