Dronefly Infographic Paints Blue Skies Ahead for Police Drones

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A key commercial drone player is painting a fascinating picture of UAS emergence across public-safety agencies with the release of a new infographic.

California-based Dronefly launched the detailed graphic report last week to break down the strategies used by police, fire and rescue agencies deploying drones.

A 2017 market report predicts government drone investment will leap from $100 million to $250 million by 2025 with federal spending alone accounting for $170 million – much of which could land across various public-safety agencies.

“Having a visual overview during times of crisis, from search and rescue operations to active shooters, drones provide law enforcement and first responders with a better understanding of the situation at hand without putting more people’s lives in danger,” Dronefly CEO Mike Zaya said.

“Drones provide an aerial view at a fraction of the cost of helicopters and can be deployed more rapidly.”

The infographic breaks down police/fire drone use into six components:

Search and Rescue – Drones can traverse the toughest terrain to find lost or injured victims, especially when equipped with a thermal sensor.
Traffic Collision Reconstruction – Drone photography, combined with mapping software, empowers investigators with new tools to analyze and distribute accident reports.
Active Shooter Investigation – A nimble, live aerial video feed during a mass-shooting crisis could give first responders a better understanding of the unfolding situation.
Crime Scene Analysis – Drone photography of a crime scene provides a more comprehensive overview and a deeper analysis for investigators.

Surveillance – Although deployment may raise privacy issues, police drones equipped with high-def cameras allow the monitoring of illegal operations or persons of interest at safe distances.
Crowd monitoring – Eyes in the sky during a major public event – a concert, rally, etc. – allow for easy observation should a crisis occur.

As a leading authorized distributor for both FLIR thermal cameras and DJI drones, Dronefly can most likely expect to see a steady uptick in new public-safety clients as more agencies enter the “Game of Drones.”

Police and Law Enforcement Drones: Drones In The Field Infographic


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