DroneLogbook and AirMarket: Making U.S.-Canada Cross-Border Drone Operations Work

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DroneLogbook and AirMarketTwo drone compliance software companies have joined forces to make U.S.-Canadian cross-border operations easier.  U.S.-based drone compliance solution DroneLogbook and AirMarket, Canada’s commercial compliance and airspace management solution, have released a new, integrated platform so that companies operating in both countries can utilize a single compliance solution.

The joint solution  – which will be called DroneLogbook Private Label for U.S. customers, and FLYSAFE Private Label for AirMarket customers – will be a game changer for the growing number of energy companies operating on both sides of the border.

Compliance with regulations is difficult for companies working in multiple jurisdictions, whether that is across state lines or across country borders.  European regulators are working towards a unified set of drone regulations.  When it comes to the U.S. and Canada, however, drone regulations are not perfectly aligned – creating a difficult and expensive barrier for companies operating across the border.

“Until this announcement, those companies often had to purchase two sets of drone compliance software, one for the U.S. market and one for the Canadian market, and then spend time to integrate the data into one report. Using two systems created data cleansing and data compatibility challenges,” says a DroneLogbook press release.

“Powered by DroneLogbook, this integrated solution provides for a common compliance/fleet management platform and workflow while allowing users to access U.S.- or Canadian-specific airspace-management tools based on individual pilot requirements. In addition, workflow is tailored to each market on both desktop and mobile applications, providing a true multi-country customized solution,” says the release.

Lindsay Mohr, chief executive officer at AirMarket, said, “This integration allows companies with U.S. and Canadian operations to manage their commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations from a single unified platform. The integration of our platform with DroneLogbook’s provides our Canadian customers with the ability to operate in the U.S. without changing platforms, which expedites workflow while improving management oversight and return on investment.”

Yves Jusot, chief executive officer of DroneLogbook, said, “AirMarket provides DroneLogbook with a strong partner who understands the specific needs of Canadian commercial drone operations. Combining the capabilities of AirMarket and DroneLogbook into a single platform provides an integrated market solution that meets the needs of energy customers that operate on both sides of the border.”



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