DroneShield Releases 2 Counter-drone Products

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DroneShield, an Australian-American company, recently announced the release of two new products in the continuing battle to detect, deter and down rogue unmanned aircraft.

DroneGun Tactical is now available for purchase (where legal) and follows the 2017 release of DroneGun MKII.

Like its predecessor, the “gun” discharges radio signals that can take control of a rogue drone, bringing the UAV to the gun user and disabling video capabilities.

In addition company officials say the Tactical model offers:

  • No backpack – the product is entirely self-contained within the rifle body, whilst maintaining lightweight and long effective range (over 1km).

  • Addition of 433Mhz and 915Mhz frequencies, to ensure complete effectiveness across drone models.

  • Ergonomic body and controls.

  • Further alignment with standard military specifications, including standardized NATO military battery power.

Both models of DroneGun are not authorized for use in the United States except by authorized military and law enforcement agencies.

The company also announced the release of RadarZero – a portable, mobile radar device that serves as a standalone product or as a complement to the DroneSentinel / DroneSentry multi-sensor systems. The device is about the size of a book and can detect drones up to a half mile radius.

DroneSentinel is a multi-prone detection product designed to locate rogue drones. DroneSentry detects and neutralizes unmanned aerial bandits using jamming technology. In November, DroneShield demonstrated both products for governmental end-users at its Virginia office.

Currently, DroneShield provides detection coverage for the Boston Marathon. The company also scored a major European victory, protecting the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland.

“The company originally started with an acoustic drone detection product. The market has evolved, and end-users are expressing substantial interest in integrated detect-and-defeat and multi-sensor detection products,” DroneShield chairman Peter James said in a recent interview.

“Sophisticated users’ contracts will be won by those companies that are able to provide such multi-layered, multi-method products. Together with our portable drone jammer rifle DroneGun, this positions the company to meet customer needs across the fixed site and mobile spectrum in the counter-drone space.”

A recent study predicts the drone mitigation (or anti-drone) market will to grow to a billion-dollar industry within six years with predicted compound annual growth rate of 23.89 percent across 2017-22.


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