DroneShield Video Wows Government Officials

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An American-Australian startup has a lot to be thankful for this month.This week, DroneShield released new video of two anti-drone solutions in an effort to attract government contracts. The company recently launched a video featuring DroneSentinel and DroneSentry and conducted a demonstration for federal government and foreign governmental end-users at its Virginia office.

DroneSentinel is a multi-prone detection product designed to locate rogue drones. The solution is aimed at customers unable to deploy jamming because of regulatory or operational restrictions.

DroneSentry detects and neutralizes unmanned aerial bandits using jamming technology. The product is geared toward foreign clients – the product has not been authorized by the FCC and may not be sold or leased in the U.S. because it jams radio signals.

“The company originally started with an acoustic drone detection product. The market has evolved, and end-users are expressing substantial interest in integrated detect-and-defeat and multi-sensor detection products,” DroneShield chairman Peter James said.

“Sophisticated users’ contracts will be won by those companies that are able to provide such multi-layered, multi-method products. Together with our portable drone jammer rifle DroneGun, this positions the company to meet customer needs across the fixed site and mobile spectrum in the counter-drone space.”

Both products offer modular options including radar, radio frequency, thermal camera, optical camera, acoustic, and optical range extender modules. “This integrated detect-and-defeat functionality can be deployed either via a ‘man in the loop’ function or in the automatic mode,” a DroneShield spokesperson said.

Earlier this year, DroneShield announced the sale of its DroneGun tactical drone jammer to an undisclosed Middle Eastern country the company says is “closely allied with the Western countries.”

DroneShield officials cited terrorist fears – especially from ISIS—as a motive for the purchase.  In January the terrorist group announced the formation of “Unmanned Aircraft of the Mujahideen,” an incendiary campaign deploying a fleet of weaponized drones that has reportedly killed or injured Iraqi soldiers.

Last week, the company garnered a boost from Australia’s Queensland Liberal National Party after party leader Tim Nicholls promised to create a counter-drone police unit using DroneGuns.


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