Eachine E013 Plus Acro FPV Trainer Drone Flight Test Review

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Finally a micro whoop trainer drone that should do a pretty good job of teaching new FPV pilots how to fly in acro mode. Can be flown FPV indoors or outdoors. Available bundled with or without FPV goggles, with additional batteries, or with racing gates and race timer. Find it here http://bit.ly/e013plus

and here is its flight demonstration.

– I’ve previously flown and have been disappointed by many other micro’s claiming to be FPV acro trainers. This one actually works well in that purpose.
– Good looking micro whoop FPV racer available in red or white colors.
– Includes three flight modes. Beginner’s angle mode, expert angle mode, and full acro. The acro mode actually works well as compared to other beginner acro trainers that have previously been released.
– Very good 1000TVL FPV camera with wide angled lens, yet minimal fisheye effect.
– 48 channel 25 mW 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter. Channels and frequencies can be remotely changed via the drones controller.
– Powerful 8520 brushed motors.
– Turtle mode that allows you to automatically flip and right the drone after an upside down crash.

– The optional Eachine VR006 goggles are not very good. If you’re interested in this drone, recommend skipping the VR006, and instead spend a few dollars more on better goggles. Recommend Eachine VR007 http://bit.ly/VR007FPV, EV800 http://bit.ly/ev800FPV, or VRD2 (with DVR recording capability) http://bit.ly/VRD2_FPV
– The propellers on mine were not installed properly/fully from the factory. Seat the propellers fully onto their shafts before your first flight. Push them down all the way. After I did this with mine, they stayed on through pretty aggressive flying.

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