Eachine Mirage E500 VTOL Vertical Takeoff RC Airplane Follow Up Flight Reviews

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This 500mm RC VTOL airplane deserved follow up flight reviews. With each flight of this highly unusual plane, I like it more and more. It’s a QC101 keeper. This should be a hit. Easy to fly in stabilized flight, but can be transitioned to unstabilized flight mode. In this mode it’s fun and relatively easy to do acrobatics. And if you get into trouble, just snap it back to stabilized mode for the save πŸ˜‰ Find it here as PNP https://goo.gl/ULXr7H , BNF Flysky/Frsky https://goo.gl/gkcUYQ, and soon to be available RTF and RTF FPV https://goo.gl/sL2ug3

– True vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) RC airplane.
– Two 1806 2300KV motors
– Gyro stabilizer with three flight modes, vertical stabilized mode for takeoff and landings, horizontal stabilized mode for easy horizontal flying, and acrobatic mode for acrobatics or normal banked flying. Note the acro mode does still have some stabilization to stabilize against wind gusts, and to minimize stalling. It will actually automatically adjust pitch of the aircraft if throttle is reduced for very slow forward flight in acro mode.
– BNF includes 7.4V 600mah LiPo that gives approximately 15 minutes flight time.
– Available PNP, BNF Frsky/Flysky, and soon RTF / RTF FPV

– Horizontal stabilized flight is very flat with turns controlled entirely via differential motor thrust. Eleron roll movement is automatic and not manually controllable in the two stabilized modes. Elerons roll control can only be manually controlled in non stabilized mode.

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