Entner Electronics Unveils The UC-200FE Camera

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Entner Electronics Unveils The UC-200FE Camera, A Remote Head 4K Camera For Wide-Angle Imaging

Entner Electronics Unveils The UC-200FE Camera, A Remote Head 4K Camera For Wide-Angle Imaging

Entner Electronics announces a new software-programmable camera with a remote head for 4K imaging. The low mass and compact outline of this camera make it an ideal solution for security and surveillance applications in unmanned systems.

The UC-200FE is a remote head camera with proprietary electronics and a high-quality digital zoom function for unprecedented image quality. The camera has an exceptional low latency and provides the most common interface including HDMI, LVDS, USB and Ethernet.

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Additional interface electronics is therefore not required and multiple GPIO’s are available to synchronize with other system components or external controls.

The very small sensor-head utilizes a 13 Megapixel EXMOR RS sensor for high sensitivity and low noise 4k imaging. The industry-standard M12 lens mount allows for the use of a wide variety of lenses that are off-the-shelf available.

A digital pan-tilt-zoom function is available to zoom into specific regions of interests. To cope with a bright spot (e.g. when viewing toward the sunny horizon) the camera features a free programmable reference area for the auto-exposure algorithm.

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The UC-200FE camera is compatible with the industry-standard VISCA protocol to allow for hassle-free upgrading of existing imaging systems. A powerful and free programmable ARM-based processor with Linux OS offers the user the possibility to extend the camera’s functionality.

Entner started shipping the UC-200FE camera and offers special R&D-Kits to support a hassle-free evaluation.

For more information, visit https://entner-electronics.com/en/home.html


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