FAA Seeks Public Comment on Drone Design Standards

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Flightscan Schiebel CamCopter

The drone under discussion in the FAA notice appears to be the same as the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 which is designed by Vienna based Schiebel Group.

Below is the notice from the FAA followed by a release from Schiebel discussing the Camcopter s-100

from the FAA

For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is seeking public comments on proposed airworthiness criteria for an unmanned aircraft system, more popularly known as a “drone.”

The Federal Register notice asks for comments on proposed design standards needed for the FlightScan Corporation Camcopter S-100 to fly safely in U.S. airspace. The ultimate goal of this and other projects is to grant FAA airworthiness certification to fully functional, ready-to-operate unmanned aircraft. The S-100 is the first unmanned aircraft to have its certification basis published.

The Camcopter S-100 is a vertical take-off drone that looks much like a traditional helicopter. It is powered by a liquid-cooled rotary engine and has a maximum take-off weight of 440 pounds including its payload. The drone’s main purpose is to conduct airborne surveying of power transmission infrastructure using aerial photography.

FlightScan applied for FAA certification of the S-100 using the special class provisions under Part 21.17(b) of FAA regulations in June of 2015. Since then, the agency has worked with the company to develop airworthiness criteria that support safe integration of the S-100 into the National Airspace System.

After the comment period ending December 18, 2017, the FAA will evaluate the public comments to determine if any changes should be made to the proposed airworthiness criteria.

from Schiebel

Following the success of the first CAMCOPTER® S-100 User Conference in 2012, Schiebel again welcomed its valued customers for a three-day conference. Users of the market-leading Unmanned Air System (UAS), the CAMCOPTER® S-100, were presented with the latest innovations, informative and productive sessions as well as international networking opportunities and best practice exchange.

“Schiebel has consistently set the benchmark for the rotary-wing UAS industry and we will continue to do so,” says Hans Georg Schiebel, Chairman of the Schiebel Group. “We listen to our customers worldwide across all markets and then we incorporate the features they ask for along with the latest state-of-the-art technical advancements, offering them even more capabilities.”

The company remains committed to cutting-edge innovation and offering the best system in its class. Bringing together people operating the S-100 and deploying it for various missions, allows the collection of valuable insights. Schiebel shapes the future by incorporating the latest in technological developments and leveraging the knowledge and experience of its customers in order to anticipate the demands of tomorrow’s market.


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