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Every once in a while, I come across a company that I can’t get out of my head! Fathom occupies my cranium today. I wrote about Fathom late last year in “Why I Bought Shares in Fathom on the Netcapital platform”. This was and remains a cool company!

Fathom is a football-shaped tethered drone that connects with a smart device to gather underwater video and images. They are using the Netcapital platform to raise  up to a million dollars. The campaign ends in April.

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As I discussed in the previous article, I invested in Fathom.
So why did I purchase stock in this start-up that doesn’t yet have a product on the market? I’m not planning to start a software business around Fathom data nor do I have the product in hand to judge its likelihood of financial success.
The opportunity to invest at this early stage enabled me to realize first dedicated mover advantage. There are other companies in the underwater photography space, but Fathom is a company focused on one mission. There’s going to be a winner, a company that breaks out, owns, and defines the drone-based consumer and prosumer underwater image and video capture market. I’m making a bet that company will be Fathom.
Digitizing the world’s surfaces is big business. Google bought Keyhole in 2004 to introduce Google Earth and folded in technology from Stanford University to add Google Street View. Isn’t it reasonable to think that geo-referenced underwater imagery will be a natural extension of this?
It’s early, but it appears that Fathom is leading the way. It will be a while before I will know if my bet was a good one, but I’m optimistic. But then again, I was late to the iPhone!  Learn more about Fathom on Crowditz.com

Note: I am an investor in Netcapital, a SEC registered funding platform and Vice President for DroneLife Financial. In addition, I am a founder of Crowditz.com. DroneLife has an agreement with Netcapital whereby Netcapital has the ability to use the DroneLife brand to help them list drone-related companies.


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