FEILUN FT011 – 55KM Brushless Boat Review – SWIM FOR IT!

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The review went great… Then I wanted one more lap. Battery died! – I had to swim for it! Good thing I remembered to take my phone and car keys out of my pocket. This 24″ brushless powered speed boat is really pretty cool. It does close to 55mph on a 4S battery. This $100 speed boat is the most RC fun I’ve had on the water. Check out the Pros VS Cons and my final opinion below. See you on the water guys.

Grab a Feilun FT011 here:

Extra battery here:

Extra props:

Replacement Boat Hull:

Drone Camps : PROS vs CONS:

– High powered action on 4S 2200mah Battery
– Tons of power and fast on the water
– Brushless Inboard Motor
– Metal Drive and shaft
– Carbon fiber look and nice decals
– Includes 3 props
– 24″ Inch hull and boat body
– Radio included. Had good range on the water
– Also comes with a 4S Lipo battery charger
– Includes flip system in case you capsize.
– Water cooled power system
– Also has reverse in case you need it.
– Fastest $100 boat I’ve ever seen.
– Also includes boat stand. Pretty nice!

– I wanted an extra battery so I could go again. I really
like this boat. Nothing like skimming across a glassed off
lake or river at 55km.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
The boat is amazing out of the box. I have seen quite a few
boats this summer that friends of mine had. But this one for the
money is pretty nice. After I ran it once I was wishing I had a second battery. I will be getting another battery asap.

Hope you enjoyed the review guys,

Thanks for watching.

Justin Davis

Music by: Joakim Jarud

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