First US Law Enforcement Tactical Drone

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K2 Unmanned Systems, LLC, a U.S. commercial drone manufacturer, flight ops and training company, announced today the release of the first American made Law Enforcement tactical drone, the Knight Hawk.

K2 Unmanned announced the release of the Knight Hawk at the 29th Annual APSA Fly In Training, a private event hosted by Pasadena Police Department to network, and train, and display new technologies.

The commercial grade UAV is designed with first responder operations and infrastructure inspection in mind. Its high pound payload capacity, infrared optics, and encrypted HD video downlink are just a few features that make it crucial for critical situations.

“We saw an opportunity to create positive change. Society’s acceptance of drones now opens the door for first responders to use this emerging technology to enhance public safety.” said Jason Kamdar, Founder and CEO of K2 Unmanned Systems.

Market demand was high for an American designed and manufactured drone, and K2 delivered. The Knight Hawk uses a closed circuit system to ensure telemetry data is protected when performing flight operations and technical support is accessible anywhere in the U.S.

K2 Unmanned Systems worked in conjunction with IMT/Vislink to demonstrate interoperable encrypted HD video downlink technology. This transmission technology is fully compatible with regional agencies large platform, fixed, and rotary wing surveillance aircraft platforms, allowing for dual use of current portable and mobile command vehicle downlink receive systems.

“Our vision is to revolutionize industrial operations and life-saving missions world-wide through unmanned aerial technology,” Jason also said. The company is now scheduling demos for companies and key individuals that express interest in purchasing the new UAV.

About the Company:

K2 Unmanned Systems is a drone manufacturer and services company offering custom design drones, FAA certified training, and flight operations and located in Huntington Beach, CA. In-house engineers custom design and build UAVs specific to each team’s needs with HD Zoom cameras, FLIR/infrared thermal imaging and payload delivery options. K2 Unmanned Systems is also home to a Drone Training Academy. Coursework is designed to ensure each student is prepared to be a fully functional FAA Certified Remote Pilot with deep knowledge and proficient hands-on remote piloting skills so they can fly efficiently and safely within FAA rules and regulations. K2 offers on-site classroom, simulator room and in-field training programs as well as online, self-paced training programs. Training is tailored to each team’s unique mission and operational environment.

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