Flypro Xeagle – Smartwatch, Follow me Drone on Extreme Terrain

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FLYPRO XEAGLE – Come with us to the mountains and see if the XEagle can handle more extreme terrain and elevation changes. Did it pass the test?

Honestly I was skeptical of this from the beginning. The XEagle turned out to be something I like because of the simplicity of using it.
I will be flying this one out at the beach very soon. Best thing is it is half the price of the Airdog and actually exists unlike the Lily.

Enjoy guys.
Kindly, Justin Davis

Buy an XEagle from Flypro here:

Star rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.
– 1 Star for short landing gear, and short range of wifi to smartphone.

Who it’s for: Someone who doesn’t want to struggle with a complicated controller. Very easy to fly with the watch.

Drone Camps Overview: PROS vs CONS:


– 4K Video and 12mp Photos, nice quality!
– Versatile camera. Take it off and use it in GoPro housing.
– 50w Charger charges in under 1 hour. *update.
– Very easy out of the box to understand and fly.
– Includes everything you need to fly
– Orbit Mode, 360 Fly they call it.
– Auto-take off and Auto-Land. Easy to use.
– Circle dial controls the radius position of the drone to you.
– Easy altitude up and down wheel on top right of the watch.
– Nice magnetic watch charger. AC or USB power options.
– GLONASS Satellite – Dual GPS onboard. Very reliable connection.
– 3S 5200mah Battery. 22min flights.
– Push button Return to home, landing button.
– Smart battery shows LED telemetry on the top.
– Auto-land on low battery
– 4 XEagle versions available, Lite, Sport, Advanced, Professional.
– Video & Photo button on top of watch. Worked perfect for me.
– 3 Axis Gimbal captures smooth video.
– Self tightening props. x2 sets included
– Bright LEDs included in the quad
– Plenty of power
– Flies fast in follow mode
– Fast enough for surfing, biking, boating, kayaking, riding horses or kiteboarding.
– Sport version upgradable to Voice module commands and controls.
– If the camera lost view during the follow me segment it catches back up with you quickly and re-centers.
– Does fly 20mins as advertised.
– Heavy enough to fly in moderate wind conditions.

– You need a wide open area. No trees.
– No object avoidance. More expensive one has it.
– Short landing gear. Needs to be taller.
– Catch it in moderately tall grass because of short landing gear
– Heavy. Could be dangerous. Do not fly over crowds of people.

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