Flypro XEagle Watch Controlled Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

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This follow me GPS gimbal camera quadcopter is entirely controlled by a wristwatch. Buy it here on Amazon or international buyers here
It enables follow me aerial video of yourself as you partipate in many outdoor action sports. Although it’s extremely simple to fly, it’s not recommended for beginner fliers due to its size, weight, and speed. It can be dangerous in the hands of … well you know that guy who flew his drone into the Manhattan skyscrapers, or the wedding photographer who smashed his drone into his clients? Those kind of people πŸ˜‰

– Entirely controlled by a wristwatch. No bulky or heavy transmitter controller that needs to be lugged along with you for follow me. The watch itself has all the needed controls, and a built in GPS and transmitter to send all needed information to the quadcopter to control it.
– Extremely simple to fly. Press a button on the watch, and it takes off and levels itself in the air. Turn a knob and it climbs higher or descend. Press another button and it will circle your position. One more button, and it will follow you wherever you go, all the while maneuvering itself and pointing its camera for the best view… of you πŸ˜‰ Finally, press another button, and it will fly back and land where it took off. Or do a short press of that same button to have it land wherever you wish.
– 2 axis stabilized gimbal.
– 4K camera, although I use 1080p 30 fps to keep my DSL YouTube video uploads manageable.
– Over 20 minutes flight time. Not bad for a gimbal quadcopter.
– Failsafe automatic return to home on low battery or loss of signal. Return to home is fairly accurate as seen in the video.
– Smart battery. If unused for extended periods, will automatically lower voltage to prevent damage to the battery.

– Watch is not waterproof.
– This sport model does not include obstacle avoidance or voice control.
– Heavy enough to require FAA registration.
– Quadcopter maneuvers can be very rapid as it automatically positions itself for best camera views. If the quadcopter is low, this might result in unintended impacts with objects. If the quadcopter is VERY low, these impacts can be with you or others. Alway ensure the quadcopter is higher than any trees, objects,hills, buildings, and especially people along your intended route before pressing the “follow me” button. Recommend having some experience with larger drones, just so you have the needed respect to fly this quadcopter safely.

Includes: 1 * Aircraft(with Camera), 1 * Smart Watch, 8 * Propellers, 1 * Smart Battery, 1 * Charger, 1 * Power Cable, 1 * Documents

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