FlytBase Enhances Drone Software with FlytNow Upgrades

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Source: FlytBase

California-based drone software startup FlytBase continues to enhance its flagship product, FlytNow. A cloud-based drone video streaming and fleet management solution, FlytNow provides a web-based portal to manage live drone operations remotely over 4G, LTE or 5G. The solution also includes live HD video feed, drone/camera gimbal control and telemetry at ultra-low latency over the internet.

More recently, FlytBase launched a companion computer-based Cloud Connect Software Module for the FlytNow platform. The drone software module supports custom drones using firmware such as PX4 and Ardupilot, as well as popular autopilots like Pixhawk, Cubepilot, Pixhawk4, and Pixhawk5, among others. In addition, the module also supports enterprise DJI drones like DJI M210, M210 RTK, M300 RTK, and M600, as well as flight DJI controllers A3 and N3.

“Custom drones built for a particular use-case provide better capabilities and efficiency compared to standard off-the-shelf drones,” a company spokesperson explains:

“For example, in delivery operations, drones are required to fly long distances and carry heavy payloads; custom VTOL drones can fulfill such requirements. Similarly, for security, public safety, and emergency operations, drones that can carry specialize payload (thermal camera, loudspeaker or beacons) and can transmit data securely are better suited, which can be achieved through a custom build.”

In addition, users can install the drone software on a companion computer of choice – for example, Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX, Raspberry Pi 3b+/4 Odroid N2 or DJI Manifold 2 –  and connect the companion computer directly to a drone’s flight controller. Once integrated, the drone can directly connect with FlytNow Business/Enterprise over 4G, LTE, 5G or WiFi networks through USB/Ethernet dongle or a router on the companion computer.

“FlytNow compatibility with PX4, Ardupilot, and DJI drones allows system integrators, commercial drone operators, and subject matter experts to use a hybrid fleet of drones better suited to their requirements,” FlytBase Head of Business Development Achal Neg said.

“Subject matter experts or operation heads can now see live HD video feed, telemetry at the back office as the drone operation commences on the field. This adds a lot of value for drone teams and leads to better management, ultimately saving time and cost.”

In May, FlytNow launched a new innovation in in autonomous inventory drones with the FlytWare Solution Partner program. The drone software package replaces manual inventory cycle counts for large warehouse or distribution centers, saving time and money with intelligent, automation software working behind the scenes.


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