Fortem’s New Radar Solution Provides an End-to-End Counter Drone Solution

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Counter drone technology is one of the biggest sectors in the drone industry these days.  Sophisticated and easy to use drone identification and mitigation systems are critical to increasing commercial adoption of drone technology.  These systems don’t just keep unwanted drones out – they allow legitimate missions to happen safely, and are a major component of a robust regulatory framework for drone integration into the NAS and new applications like flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

One of the best known providers of counter drone and security systems is Fortem.  With portable radar systems that can secure properties as small as a parking lot or as large as a metro area, with their latest product Fortem is offering an end-to-end solution for protecting areas from unwanted drone activity, providing stakeholders with a clear and comprehensive view of the sky over a protected asset.

“Military groups around the world have had a major gap in their counter-UAS solutions, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from drones that are “RF-dark,” or undetectable by radio frequency jammers. When you can’t detect, you can’t mitigate. We’re excited to present the TrueView R30 radar to complete our end to end solution, which solves mid-range radar challenges for airspace security and defense,”  Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies, tells DRONELIFE.

Fortem Technologies Announces Complete End to End C-UAS Solution

New addition to TrueView family of radar, R30, solves industry’s mid-range radar challenges for comprehensive airspace security and defense 

PLEASANT GROVE, UT – February 3, 2020  – Fortem Technologies, Inc., the market leader of C-UAS security and defense solutions, announced today the addition of TrueView® R30 radar to Fortem’s end to end C-UAS solution. As the newest addition to Fortem’s industry-leading array of radar products for advanced drone detection and threat assessment, the TrueView R30 radar offers unprecedented clutter rejection, making it the highest performing, most cost-effective and compact radar in its class. The addition of the R30 radar to Fortem’s SkyDome system fills the need for a mid-range solution to detect and mitigate rogue drones in areas where radio frequency (RF) and larger radar C-UAS solutions fail to detect autonomous dark drones.

“We now have a cost-effective, short and mid-range networkable radar with accuracy and features perfect for diverse venues, campuses and entire metro regions.” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies. “The advancements Fortem has achieved with TrueView radar give security professionals the ability to see everything in their airspace at a lower cost point and higher accuracy and safety than ever before, while enabling unprecedented threat assessment capability.”

“Fortem continues to show exciting innovation around their core products,” said Hayden Shea, Portfolio Development Principal for HorizonX. “We are thrilled by the breadth of applications for their technology in security and defense and in building a foundation for safe urban air mobility.”

About Fortem’s End to End Solution

Fortem’s end to end solution is the missing security layer to complete existing security systems. Its foundational pieces start at the ground and extend above fence lines into the sky. Built with AI at the Edge, open standards and APIs, the SkyDome system integrates seamlessly with physical security and emerging UAS drone standards (Remote ID, ADSB and LAANC). The system incorporates and simplifies all data into a single, informative and strategic view.

“For the first time ever, the airspace above and beyond fence lines and across the urban landscape can be digitized, mapped and architected for security and low altitude air traffic control purposes at an effective cost,” said Adam Robertson, CTO of Fortem Technologies.

About SkyDome Deep Integration with TrueView Radar and DroneHunter®

The SkyDome system is built on a foundation of distributable, compact radar of small size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C). The TrueView R30 can detect and track drones at over 1500 meters. At under 15 lbs and under 150 watts, the R30 is easy to distribute and network around sites, from military bases to stadiums, oil refineries, prisons and entire metro regions. The SkyDome system makes it possible to seamlessly create multi-layered security by integrating other sensors, such as optics and thermal, and by fusing rich data sources. The SkyDome system enables precise surveillance and countermeasure cueing for the Fortem DroneHunter, the world’s premier autonomous drone interceptor technology. Deep integration with DroneHunter makes SkyDome the only C-UAS security and defense system in the world with networked airborne radar and optics and physical drone capture. This capability is a force multiplier for security professionals operating day and night.

TrueView radar is a phased array, FMCW radar that includes AI at the Edge, simultaneous beam steering and digital beam forming, and sidelobe rejection. TrueView radar delivers best-in-class, real-world range, resolution, accuracy and clutter/noise rejection with configurable fields of view.

About Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, security and defense for an autonomous world. Fortem’s end-to-end solutions provide the location of all objects in the sky over designated areas – from sites to cities or entire regions – to create, manage and enforce designated boundaries autonomously. Some of the world’s leading airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and defense establishments use Fortem’s innovative technologies. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by DCVC, Boeing, Signia Venture Partners, Mubadala Capital Ventures and others. More at


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