Foxtechfpv Lightning 210 – Flight Test, Review & Pin Removal

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Check out the newest release from FoxtechFpv! – The Lightning 210 is available as an ARF “Almost Ready to Fly” and RTF ” Ready to Fly”. Foxtech sent us the Arf version. Also includes Naze32 Rev 6 and you can setup in Cleanflight. The 210 is compatible with Taranis, Futuba, and Spektrum Radios with your cPPM Receiver.
The 210 is a nice relevant size and flies super quick on 4S and tuned in Cleanflight.

Check out to see the Lightning 210.
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Full Overview and Opinions :

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

-Rips on 4S. Buy a 4S 1300mah it will fit better.
-Great racing quad for those who don’t want to build a DIY.
-Available as an ARF or RTF
-2205 Motors are really powerful and punch outs are nice!
-210 is a great mid-size racer
-Dal Tri-props included
-ESC protectors
-20amp escs
-Cloverleaf antenna included
-600mw Video Transmitter good for flying alone. Max penetration.
-Sony CCD 700 Tvl camera. *Good quality fpv camera.
-Durable 3mm carbon bottom plate. 1.5mm carbon fiber side plates.
-Action Camera mount upfront
-Easy to work on and take apart.
-XT60 Battery connector.
-3mm motor shafts

-RTF has receiver on the front where the mobius or Gopro goes.
-FC pins stick out the side. This is a design flaw in my opinion.
Use your soldering iron to remove them and do a “pinless connection” for your receiver as I show in the video. Much cleaner.
No big wires hanging out the side. I’m sure Foxtech will not do this
on the next racing quad release.
-600mw is too much for going to a local race. If you show up with a 600mw Video transmitter it will make some people upset. The best video transmitter would be a 25mw or 200mw. Your choice.

Overall Impression: Would I buy it? – YES.
The Lightning 210 is a definite consideration if you are looking for a new racer. Once you get past the 600mw video transmitter, and the pins hanging out the side it really is a 5 star quad. You have all the latest and greatest on this quad from 2205 motors, ti-props, 20amp ESCs, durable frame, and nice Sony CCD Camera. Just quickly add a new 200mw receiver and remove the pins and join the local races. You might even win some with this quad. I enjoy this one a lot. I hope to see what FoxTech does next.

Thanks for reading my review.

Kindly, Justin Davis
Drone Camps RC.

Star Rating: 4.0
-.5 for pins on the side. -5 for 600mw Vtx

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