Frontier Technologies and SkyPixGroup Partner

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Frontier Technologies and SkyPixGroup announce a unique partnership, bringing together the innovative drone industry with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence in new, imaginative ways that create unmatched ROI for their clients. But, what both companies feel is one of their most important value propositions, is the special attention they pay to cybersecurity.

With drones being such a new industry, regulations are still catching up with commerce. This means that many competitors have no idea what cybersecurity even means in the context of drones, and they certainly aren’t legally bound to comply with any cybersecurity standards in many markets. That’s why Wendy Jackson-Dowe, B.S.M.E., Founder, President, and FAA certified drone pilot of SkyPixGroup, believes it is so important to address.

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“I am excited for this partnership because we are tackling challenges that nobody is even talking about yet,” said Jackson-Dowe. “When you hire a drone company, you want to discover new efficiencies with AI, but you also want to be confident that you won’t put your organization’s sensitive data at risk. Our partnership is the full package.”

The two firms realized the potential synergy when sparking up a conversation with a number of large utilities, who immediately confirmed the need Frontier and SkyPixGroup were attempting to solve, which could be worth upwards of multi-million dollars in potential ROI, according to one of those organizations.

“Part of being an agile firm is following the innovation where our strengths lead us,” said Reshma Moorthy, President of Frontier Technologies. “We saw the cybersecurity risk in the drone industry and realized our expertise could allow the right practice to flourish and outshine the competition. When you add artificial intelligence to the mix, the potential is virtually limitless.”

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Both Frontier Technologies and SkyPixGroup are diverse, minority-owned, woman-owned small businesses, and advocates in the supplier diversity community, belonging and contributing to organizations like the EMSDC and WBENC.

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