GB130 FPV Quadcopter Kit, Review & Flight Test

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NEW Review of this super cool GB130 Fpv Quadcopter. It has all race spec components. If you don’t own a 130 yet. You should think about this one. It’s the easiest 130 I have built. It builds like a larger quad with plenty of space for the stack. I was even able to put my receiver inside. And my first impression in the field was that it is locked in with default pids in Betaflight. Pretty amazing.

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GB130 DIY Kit Review
provided by Justin Davis
of Drone Camps RC

What I like:

– All race spec motors, escs, flight controller and 3K Carbon.
– RED Bottom EMAXX 1306 4000kv motors with 3mm shafts
– SPRacing F3 Flight Controller
– Runcam Swift 600TVL Camera included!
– 5.8ghz 200mw Video receiver. Switchable from 25mw to 600mw
– 10A BlHeli Simon K Escs (update with BL Heli Suite before flying)
– 3×3 Props included
– Quality 3mm unibody bottom plate and 2mm side walls. I like this
for this size quad. Should be very durable.
– Overall it was very easy to build this one. It builds like a big quad.

What I didn’t like:
– I would like to see 20A Escs included in these kits.
– I didn’t like that it came with a Video receiver that has a side
angle antenna mount. The way the Vtx can be mounted on the
rear top plate it needs to be a standard vertical antenna setup on
the vtx. You don’t need a 90 degree antenna for this.

Final thoughts:
I won’t be giving this one away. This one is going on my shelf
for my own collection. In the air I couldn’t believe the power it has
on 3S. It flies circles around my original 130 I built in 2015. For a long time my favorite sizes have been 210 and 180mm. I love this 130.

– Justin Davis

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