GB190 – GEP-ZX5 Race Quad Tested – 5S BEAST

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5S BEAST… if you want it! – The GEPRC “True X” 190mm quad kit came in to me this week. I took a few days to build, and set it up. When I finally got to fly it I was really happy with it. It has replaceable 4mm arms. Super durable and tough as nails in my testing. I crashed it hard, it rolled, hit trees, and didn’t crack a single arm or main plate. I did break the vtx, but that was my fault. I would build this one again. It comes with everything you need to build it except your receiver and battery. Check out the full review and flight footage…

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Drone Camps GB190mm Review :


– TOUGH as nails
– Comes with 5″ Tri-props
– 4-6S! I really want to fly this on 5S. Footage coming…
– 30 Amp Little Bee ESCs. ( worthy ).
– 4mm Carbon Frame Arms ( replaceable ).
– Sturdy carbon top for camera
– EMAXX RS2205 Motors ( loved by many who fly fpv ).
– Add your own PPM receiver
– Made by GepRC that makes top shelf DIY China kits
– Gopro / Mobius mount
– Battery rides on bottom for better Xframe 3G
– Runs Cleanflight – Naze 32 Rev6 Flight Controller
– Camera that comes with it is 5V. Don’t try 12V!
– Good cam housing. Changeable camera angle for tilt.
– Standard XT60 connector
– Nice rubber battery pad included
– Easy to build. But I did do a few different setups before I got
to a FC stack and receiver setup I liked. Don’t put the vtx outside
the camera housing. You will break it quick like I did.
– The included 600mw Video Transmitter is too much for racing.
Swap it out for a 200mw or 25mw. GEPRC I suggest including a
200mw vtx in your kits.
– Easy to solder up pdb. Very simple layout and easy to understand.
– This build will require a pinless soldering job for your FC and receiver to fit inside.

– Easy to build but you need to reserve space by avoiding pins
in this build.
– Tight space with original metal stand offs. I shorted out
something with the original standoffs so I raised the whole stack
a 1/4 “. Be careful mashing wires between the FC and pdb. Use
a sheet of plastic in between the FC and PBD if you use the original standoffs.

So my overall impression of this kit is that it can hang with the more expensive quad kits on the market. I would almost sell my more expensive quad to exclusively fly this one. I will be flying this one a lot this year. Its compact, powerful, and super durable for the way I fly. I fly fast and crash a lot. But hey if you’re not crashing you’re not learning as they say. Enjoy the video guys. This one was a lot of fun.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Music by: Not the King

Review by Justin Davis
of Drone Camps RC

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