GoPro Says Karma is the Nation’s No.2 Selling Drone Brand

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Recently Jeremy C. Owens tweeted at DroneGirl confirming that GoPro said that Karma is Nation’s Number 2 selling drone brand.

Pay attention that they said that it’s 2nd best selling brand (not a drone). Without knowing exact sales number, I can imagine that the 3 best selling drones are made by DJI. And the real sales winner must be Mavic Pro, followed by Spark or Phantom 4 Pro. Yes it’s not hard to accept that GoPro probably sold more drone units than Yuneec, even though Karma is much weaker product that Typhoon H, GoPro has stronger band identity and fanbase they’ve built over the years.
GoPro Karma Camera

But, well let’s try to understand what does the No. 2 selling drone means:
There is no way to know exact amount of units sold, but we can see the amount of reviews
on amazon:

Not even talking about the stars rating, GoPro got 105 reviews while Mavic Pro hit 500 reviews. Very rough and unscientifically we can understand it as GoPro sold 5 times less Karmas than DJI Phantoms. And yes,if we talking about brand, DJI also sells Sparks, Phantoms, Inspires and other drones. So if GoPro is the 2nd selling drone brand in US, it is very distant second. 

GoPro has also released a good news today, saying that after massive lay offs they might get back to profitability this year as O2 2017 showed the 15% increase on a stock. Woodman also said that they are betting on a Hero 6 camera in near future.


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