Handcuffed and Harassed for Flying a Drone: Episode 3 of Our Podcast Series, From the Ground Up

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Enrico Shaefer, DroneLaw.pro

DRONELIFE is excited to announce a new collaboration with drone attorney and business expert Enrico Schaefer, of Traverse Legal, PLC and Drone Law Pro.  Welcome to the third edition of From the Ground Up: a podcast series designed to help drone businesses level up and grow.  Enrico Schaefer will interview drone businesses from around the country to identify key steps to succeeding in the industry.

In this episode, Enrico talks to Part 107 pilot and firefighter Jason Harrison, who was detained and had his drone confiscated by the park police in Michigan.  He was handcuffed, threatened with arrest, and his DJI Mavic was confiscated. He challenged the ordinance as unlawful under Michigan law (which prohibits municipalities from regulating and aspect of drone operations).  It’s a fascinating story – and one that every pilot will want to hear.  The videos referenced in the podcast are also embedded below.


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