HF 120 Featherweight RC RTF Airplane Flight Test Review

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This inexpensive 3 channel RTF RC airplane is so lightweight that it climbs with the lightest of throttle. Buy it here $8 off with coupon LQPHF1208 https://goo.gl/iFb5mY

– Ready to fly. Just need 4 AA batteries for the controller.
– Three channel RC airplane at a pretty good price.
– This airplane is stripped down to the bare minimum of structure to make it lightweight. It’s primarily a wing, a tail, a motor, battery, and flight control board. Its fuselage (if you could call it that) is simply a long thin carbon rod.
– Powered by an inexpensive and widely available 3.7V 200mah battery. Yet its weight is so low, that not much power is needed to keep it in the air. You could probably fly this one for 15 minutes per battery.
– Although intended as an indoor plane, its control range is out to 150 meters.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– Its controls are quite touchy. Be gentle with them as you can easily overcorrect.
– You’ll need a near windless day to fly this one outdoors. Wind will likely toss this light plane about.
– Also be careful of warm days. A thermal will likely lift this one up and away. If you see circling birds nearby, might be a good idea to stay on the ground.

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