Holybro Shuriken 180 – Flight test, Advice, and Overview

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Check out the cool new Holybro SHURIKEN 180.

Drone Camps RC does a quick flight test and some in studio commentary of the best parts of the new 180. The 180 is 3S or 4S capable, has 20A Oneshot BL Heli Escs, and 1806 2700kv Motors with 3mm stems. Best thing is it comes with your choice of receiver for Futaba, Spectrum, or FrSky Transmitters. Also it comes with a video system that can be switched from 600mw to 25mw for racing. This is literally the quickest quad I have bound and setup for flying within 10 minutes of opening the box. I would recommend the Shuriken 180 for beginner to advanced level pilots. There are way more good points about this quad than bad points. So I consider this a lot of bang for your buck. Especially if you want to get into racing. I had a lot of fun with this one. Enjoy the full flight test and overview guys. Kindly, Justin Davis.

Special thanks to Holybro.com for samples for our review.

Grab a Shrunken from these dealers.
AlienUAV.com – Texas,US
GetFPV.com – Florida,US
Newbeedrone.com – San Diego, California, US
Teamlegit.com – Los Angeles, California, US
Addictiverc.com – Arizona, US
nextfpv.com.au – AU

Drone Camps RC PROS vs CONS:

– SBus or PPM
– 32bit SPRacing F3 Flight Controller
– Easy setup in 10mins. Bound and Cleanflight setup.
– Minim Osd
– Advanced design and replaceable parts.
– Very tough durable frame
– Choose from 3 receivers Futaba, Spectrum, & FrSky.
– Fly on 3S or 4S
– 20a Oneshot BL Heli Escs with 30a burst.
– 800 TVL CMOS Camera, switchable from PAL to NTSC
– Adjustable camera tilt for racing and freestyle
– Solid plastic parts included, skirt, skid plate, camera housing, motor pads.
– Includes popular XT60 connector
– Included durable made 5.8Ghz Antenna
– 2 Sets of props. 4×4
– LED video freq display
– Gopro stand available
– 3mm motor stems on the 1306 motors.
– Rear facing USB port
– Receiver antenna ports on the rear
– Smart and thorough design with a very tidy flat frame.
– Velcro strap
– Easy to read English manual.
– Parts list sheet included with part #s.
– Compact narrow carrying case. Not too big to use.

– If you break an arm you will have to replace the PDB. The
good news is the arms are short and the main body is thick
so you might not break an arm. Might not. Stay tuned for the
price on a new pdb from retailers. Good news is there is a
renforcement plate on the bottom over the pdb.
– Vtx mount is soldered to the pdb. Might be a weak point.
– Camera housing could break off. But would be an easy fix.

Drone Camps Star Rating :
4.5 Stars – Good buy.
-.5 star for the bottom plate pdb.

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