Hubsan H507A GPS FPV Waypoint Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

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This little GPS camera quadcopter has advanced features such as waypoints, follow me, and circle position, all controlled via your smartphone. Find it here, $5 off with coupon TTH507A

– Uses your smartphone in conjunction with the “X Hubsan” app to provide full control. The app may be found here on Google Play and here on itunes
– Advanced control app with many features.
– 720p camera provides relatively good video.
– True waypoint flying via GPS. If flying in remote locations (with no data signal), you can download maps or satellite views to your phone or tablet via the app while at home, using your home WiFi (saves on data usage). Just connect to your home WiFi, open the app in map view, and scroll to the locations that you intend to fly. Zoom in to desired resolution of the map as needed. The maps will be saved to the app’s cache for later use, and will automatically load when at that location.
– Follow me feature follows the GPS in your smartphone or tablet to allow follow me selfies.
– Circle position will circle a user set point of interest on the map.
– Well under 250 grams. Does not require FAA registration.

– App is not fully covered in the instructions. It takes quite a bit of practice to understand all the advanced features of the app.
– Range of the waypoints seem to limited by remaining battery power.
– Flight time is only about 5 minutes with its 550mah battery. Again, you’ll need to practice with the app to minimize fiddling with the controls which wastes time. I apologize for my fiddling in the above video, but it does demonstrate that this app is not trivial.

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