Hubsan Launches New Signature Drone

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Hubsan Launches New Signature DroneHubsan

Enjoying high-quality drone technology just got a lot more accessible and affordable thanks to Hubsan, a globally distributed drone manufacturer.

Looking to reach consumers who have stayed away from the expensive U.S. drone market, Hubsan has launched a high-quality, affordable drone option — the H501A+. Hubsan’s innovative H501A+ model is the company’s newest signature product and is available starting at $199. Hubsan offers a complete line of drones including FPV, Quadcopters, and racing drone versions for the drone enthusiast market sold directly through its website.

“We designed Hubsan’s drones, and the H501A+ model, with quality and affordability in mind,” said Kevin Chen, Hubsan’s U.S. branch manager. “We are bringing drones to a wider audience through our accessible pricing, while also including all of the newest technology found in competing models.”

Key Features:

  • Contains both a high-quality video camera and photo features
  • 1080P camera resolution
  • Comes with a controller that enables drone pilots to fly with either Wi-Fi or 2.4G options
  • Wi-Fi users can control drone through a phone app or pilots can employ 2.4G using the controller to guide the drone and their phone as a screen
  • 20-minute flight time
  • Can travel distances of 400 meters
  • Has GPS positioning, automatic take-off and Return To Home features
  • 360-degree photography and videography
  • On-screen destination selection and easy control
  • Brushless motors
  • Waypoint Function
  • Orbiting function

“Bringing quality drones to the masses continues to be our main focus. We never want cost to be a factor in consumers enjoying advanced drone technology,” Chen added. “From photography enthusiasts, to drone racers, and even young users looking for their first drone, Hubsan has an option for every type of drone enthusiast.”

In addition to its full range of drones and quadcopters, Hubsan is developing a new drone line launching in June 2018, that promises to be an industry-changing product featuring its most advanced technology to date.


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