Iceland – A Breathtaking View From Above

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Back in May of last year I travelled all the way around the world from Australia to Iceland to go on an epic 9 day road trip. To begin with Iceland wasn’t really somewhere that interested me but after reading up more about it and seeing how so many people absolutely loved it I decided I had to check it out. Properly.

So after hopping on a quick 24+ hour round the world flight I landed in Reykjavik (the capitol of Iceland) and hopped in my rental car. From there I travelled across more than 2,000 km’s (1,250 miles) driving through many towns, over many mountains, through many storms and an absurd amount of different landscapes.

While Iceland is truly beautiful, the thing that struck me most was how entertaining and varied simply staring out the window was. Of course while driving, I was also stopping as often as I could to capture those amazing views with my DJI Mavic Pro.

The Mavic Pro opened up a whole other side of Iceland allowing me to see and record in awesome 4K footage places and areas that were simply just unreachable. Unless you pulled out some serious hiking and rock climbing equipment and spent a day plus scaling the side of a mountain (or mountains) you would never see the things I got to see.

While recording a holiday with a drone is often just seen as another form of photography to me it’s a lot more. It allows you explore places you could never get to otherwise. See your surroundings in a much more complete way and thus appreciate it and your holiday far more. Drones may be expensive, but with this holiday it amplified the entire experience and was well worth it.

So sit back and have a look at some of the most amazing sites I captured while touring this gorgeous country. If you’re looking for somewhere to start when planning your own journey, I based my trip around Alex Cornell’s fantastic Travel Guide so I’d suggest starting there.

Otherwise, enjoy the footage!

Author: Alex Shoolman


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