Inspire1 Clone by Wltoys Q333 – NOTHING but PROBLEMS

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WLToys Q333 – Review, problems, and pitfalls.

Super excited this week to get the WL Toys Inspire1 clone from our friends at – Right out of the box I was very impressed with the level of detail put into this toy clone.

Review Overview:
The Q333 was very striking in resemblance to the DJI Inspire1. I was really impressed. I charged up the battery and set out for a nice big field for my first flight test. I arrived at the field early. I setup the Q333 and did a quick calibration before my first flight. I was ready to fly after that. I plugged in the battery tight. It looked snug and locked into place. I took off and within 10 seconds it dropped from about ten feet in the air to the ground. Complete loss of power. No idea why.

After the first crash. The retracts stopped working. They must be plastic drive geared servo operated. I still wanted to fly it even though the retracts didn’t seem to work. So I took off a second time. This time it flew into the picnic table. Another failure.

So for my third attempt I took off and it flew great. The video button said it was recording but never finished the file. I did hit stop before powering off the aircraft. My Gopro memory card was full and didn’t finish the review. So I decided to give it another chance. I went home and re-charged the battery.

Day 2 : This time I went to a new location and did the calibration again. Full battery in hand I plugged it in. Turned on the radio and spooled up to a low idle. Now the throttle stopped working. It was stuck in a low idle. Nothing I did would change the stick movements. I was pretty disappointed at this. All of these problems and now I couldn’t take off and the radio was not responding at all. All batteries were charged. Maybe I have a dud.
I hope you have better luck with yours. It really is a cool drone.

Maybe Lightake or WLToys will take notice and send another one for a second chance. It really is a cool quad.

Thanks for watching. – Justin Davis @ Drone Camps RC

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