International Women’s Day, Drone Edition: 3 Women Leading the How-To Charge

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The following is a guest post by talented Part 107 Pilot and author, Kara Murphy.

It’s been a terrific honor to write for DRONELIFE. This year, I’ll be sharing How-To advice on all aspects of advancing yourself in the drone industry. When it comes to doling out practical, actionable tips, I’m only getting started.

This International Women’s Day, I’d like to recognize the following three individuals, plus an organization that is tirelessly highlighting the accomplishments of women in this heavily male-dominated industry, for consistently creating high-quality, engaging content. They’re sharing their knowledge, free of charge, for the benefit of everyone looking to get started, inspired, or enhance their skills in new areas.

Without further ado, here they are.

Taylor Mitcham, SkyNinja

The Philadelphia native has turned her background in construction and proficiency in engineering into a full-blown career as a drone service provider. In her Facebook group, Drone Pilot Profits, she regularly shares practical advice on getting your first client, figuring out what potential clients really need, obtaining waivers, and juggling a full-time job with a burgeoning career as a certified remote pilot. I cannot recommend joining this community highly enough.



Lexie Janson, Mai On High

Known as “Poland’s First Lady of FPV,” Lexie Janson builds and races drones. She travels internationally, has racked up high-profile sponsors along the way, and is gaining increased worldwide recognition for her natural, unparalleled talent. Her free tutorials on building your own racing drones can be found here.

Sally French, The Drone Girl

When people reference women that have paved the way and encouraged others to get involved with drones, Sally French is typically one of the first people that comes to mind. Her blog, The Drone Girl, takes a deep dive into all aspects of the industry. Besides product reviews, French and her team offer up lots of useful information including guides on getting started , tips on keeping your drone in the air , and clever hacks like making a flying business card.

Women And Drones

This collective of industry-leading professionals, including Sharon Rossmark, Wendy Erickson, Desiree Ekstein, and Carmaine Means, are a consistent source of inspiration. Their Stories section features podcasts and articles with women in every aspect of the drone industry. I was featured last year for my photography work and the questions I received were challenging. They forced me to dig deep and share relevant information.

Quality content and a relentless commitment to getting people involved in STEM at a young age is what especially sets this group apart from the rest. Give it a visit and get access to high-visibility opportunities.

Currently, women comprise a mere 5% of the drone industry. Highlighting their accomplishments today, and every single day, is imperative in the quest to get more involved in a fun and rewarding hobby or career.

Kara Murphy is a Part 107-certified commercial remote pilot and freelance writer residing in Michigan. Follow her aerial imagery on Instagram and learn more, here.


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