Introducing Drone Pilot Ground School 2.0: New Videos, New Practice Tests, and New Training Materials for Real World Scenarios

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We are more excited than we’ve been in a very long time.


Because we just rolled out a brand new version of Drone Pilot Ground School, our online test prep course to help drone pilots prepare for the FAA’s Part 107 exam.

Using your phone or a tablet to study? We’ve got you covered.

Since opening enrollment to Drone Pilot Ground School back in July 2016, we’ve trained over 9,000 drone pilots, and over 99% of our students who’ve reported back say they passed the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test on the first try and received their Remote Pilot Certificate to conduct commercial sUAS operations in the U.S.

We’ve gotten a lot of helpful feedback from our students about the course since launching. When we began revamping the program, we turned to student feedback—to the notes and ideas you had given us over the last year and a half—so that we could improve the course in ways that would directly address your needs.

[Already a Drone Pilot Ground School student? Look for an email in your inbox soon with more information on how to access the new program.]

What’s New in Drone Pilot Ground School 2.0?

  • Higher quality videos. We reshot all of our videos with much better production quality.The new course contains 70+ short videos with dynamic content and motion graphics, aligning with the latest best practices for online learning.
  • Tougher practice questions. Practice questions on our new practice tests are now more difficult and even more aligned with what you can expect to see on a real FAA Part 107 test.
  • Detailed explanations. Our new answer key provides detailed explanations for every answer on the practice quizzes, helping you understand why you got the wrong answer, so you can do better next time.
  • Real world resources. The new course has a big emphasis not just on passing the Part 107 exam, but on real world training, including extra resources on airspace research, flight proficiency, how to price your aerial services and more, to help you take your training beyond the test and into the real world.

We know that taking the Part 107 test is just the first step toward integrating drones into your business or organization, and that’s why we make ourselves available to our students after the test, to answer questions and provide guidance as you work to get things up and running.

We regularly consult with students on topics like:

  • Building an sUAS business from the ground up
  • Airspace authorization paperwork
  • Waiver paperwork
  • Standard operating procedures and stakeholder buy-in at companies
  • Hardware and software recommendations

To help our students even more, we’ve added more real world resources to Drone Pilot Ground School 2.0, including an in-depth video on how to use sectional charts and navigate local laws when planning a mission.

Want to see an example of what one of our new videos looks like? Here you go:


If you’d like to learn more about the latest version of our test prep course for the FAA’s Part 107 exam, you can view the full curriculum here.

Blue skies and safe flying out there folks!


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