Is DRONEFAX the New Craigslist for UAS?

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A Florida-based startup hopes to be a one-stop shop for drone brokerage services, running the gambit from inspection/repair to buying and selling used drones.

DRONEFAX launched last week and the company says it will offer physical inspection services by a licensed FAA technician and a safe, fair market space for drone sellers and buyers.

“We’re aiming to be more than a marketplace for used drones,” DRONEFAX media spokesperson Dori Sargent said in a press release.

“Anyone can create a listing site. But only we offer inspection and repair by an FAA-licensed aviation maintenance technician. Buyers know they’re receiving a safe and functional drone. And thanks to our partnership with Transport Risk Management, everyone who purchases a vehicle through DRONEFAX earns discounts on drone insurance.” Transport Risk Management is an aviation insurance and risk management service provider.

The company is hoping that people who own unused drones will take advantage of the seller’s listing service. For $59.99, the company inspects the drone, conducts and films a test flight, before posting a listing on the DRONEFAX website. If a customer buys the drone, DRONEFAX gets a 20 percent commission on the sales price.

“Every drone sold becomes a used drone as soon as it’s powered on,” Sargent said. She adds that, more than a million drones are “simply gathering dust.”

“All those ‘hangar queens’ are opportunities, from the point of view of DRONEFAX. Our mission is to create a dynamic market for these older drones and give them a new lease on life. We currently have over 15,000 contacts that we email weekly regarding new arrivals, each one a potential buyer for a quality used drone.”

Currently, the site boasts mostly higher-end drones for sale – ranging from a DJI Inspire 1 Pro for $3,500 to a PrecisionHawk Lancaster Rav 5 for $16,500.

While the DRONEFAX concept is unique, several companies offer repair-only services. In December, Unmanned Systems and Solutions (USAS) announced the opening of a 120,000 square-foot professional drone repair facility in Tampa, Fla. The company offers a one-stop service allowing drone owners to ship their aircraft to USAS for a 48-hour turnaround evaluation and estimate. The company’s website states USAS can repair most UAV manufacturers including DJI, 3DR, Hubsan, Yuneec and GoPro.


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