Is Snap in Talks to Buy the Hover Camera?

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You know Snap Inc: The company behind the SnapChat app. The one that makes rainbows come out of your mouth and deletes your pictures and videos seconds after you send them. Apparently the company is in talks to buy Zero Zero Robotics, makers of the Hover Camera.

For a while now, the company has been attempting to pivot towards consumer photography and move beyond being just a social media application. Before going public back in March, Snap announced Spectacles, a pair of video-enabled sunglasses that can record your first person view and link to your Snapchat account.

Snap Spectacles
Spectacles, from Snap Inc

The idea is an interesting one – a more subtle version of carrying around a GoPro camera. But dedicated to short, 10-second clips, not 4K adventure video. However, the most interesting piece of news was back in February, when the New York Times reported that Snap was working on a drone project.

Snap Purchases Cntrl Me

The theory that the creators of Snapchat were considering stepping into the drone market was partly confirmed with the news that they acquired Ctrl Me Robotics last year. The deal, said to be for around $1 million, included some of the company’s equipment, assets and founder Simon Nielsen. Before then, Ctrl Me Robotics was known for building custom drones.

So was Snap intending to make a drone, or have they since changed their minds?

Snap Gives Up On Development And Goes for The Hover Camera?

If recent stories are to be believed, it’s thought that Snap has been in talks with Zero Zero Robotics about an investment or outright purchase of the company.

The deal, which was first brought to public attention by The Information, is thought to be worth between $150 million-$200 million.

hover camera snap drone

Could Snap Take the Hover Camera to the Next Level?

We all know Zero Zero Robotics as the manufacturer behind the Hover Camera, a foldable, aerial selfie drone that’s pretty unique compared to quads at the cheaper end of the consumer market.

The Hover Camera is currently being sold through Apple for just under $500. The Silicon Valley giant is also selling it in stores around the world and offering demonstrations.

It’s easy to imagine a Snap-branded Hover Camera hitting the shelves and making an easy connection with the Snapchat app. However, with the recent launch of the Spark, it’s difficult to see why you would buy the Hover Camera compared to DJI’s latest drone – considering they are retailing for roughly the same price.

Maybe Snap can give the Zero Zero Robotics the boost, global appeal and investment it needs to develop the next generation of Hover Cameras. Let’s wait and see.


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