Jetoptera VTOL aircraft design features “bladeless fans on steroids”

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One thing nearly all air taxi concepts share in common is fast-spinning propellers or ducted fans somewhere outside the aircraft’s fuselage, pushing air to develop thrust whichever way they’re pointed.

Not this one out of Seattle, though. Jetoptera’s J-2000 concept is a remarkably different take on the VTOL inter-city aircraft, designed to make use of the company’s own unique propulsion system. Much like the bladeless fans popularized by Dyson, there are no spinning blades to be seen on Jetoptera’s “fluidic propulsion systems (FPS).”

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Mind you, as with the Dyson, there are most certainly spinning blades elsewhere in the system. Both devices rely on fluid dynamics to take a relatively small flow of compressed air, and use it to suck a much greater volume of ambient air through at speed. Sir James Dyson does a pretty good job of explaining it here in the context of his fan, which uses a small, quiet impeller to generate pressure around an aerodynamically shaped loop until it exits at high speed through a slit running around the ring.

The air is forced back over a wing-shaped surface all around the ring, where it develops the same kind of negative pressure that gives aircraft their lift. In this case, though, any lift is canceled out by equal negative pressure zones all around the ring, and the net effect is a low-pressure vortex in the center of the ring that pulls ambient air through at a great rate.

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