JJPRO P200 – X-Frame Quad, Review & Flight Test

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Check out this super quick “Ready to Fly” Racer Spec – JJPRO P200 “Pure X-Frame” style racer quad. There are a lot of advantages to flying XFrames. You will see lots of pros this year flying X-Frames and EMAXX 2205 motors in Drone Nationals. Enjoy the flight test, pros VS cons, and then a short overview of what’s included.

See JJPRO P200 on Geekbuying.com
Product link here: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/JJPRO-P200-5-8G-40CH-FPV-With-SKYLINE32-CMOS-800TVL-Camera-RC-Racing-Drone-RTF-369594.html

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS :


– Fly on 3S or 4S Batteries
-EMAXX 2205 Motors are highly liked in the racing community
-600mw 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter. *Great penetration.
– Pure X Frame with replaceable arms
-Naze 32 Skyline Flight Controller.
-Updatable in Cleanflight
-20Amp Lightning Esc’s
– CG on this quad is excellent
– 800 TVL Camera
– Gopro Mount Included
– Two sets of 5″ Camo Props included
-Recommended for beginner to intermediate
-Beeper Included
-Programmable LEDs
-battery strap

-Front mounts attach to PDB. *Survived my crashes.
-I did rip the battery strap in a crash. Buy a few.

Final thoughts: 4.5 Star rating.

As this is JJRC’s first offering to the FPV Racer community I have to say I am impressed with most of the specs on this quad. They really did their research before just releasing this quad. First they gave us a pure X frame. Which is great for tight turns and the EMAXX 2205 motors are nothing to be ashamed of at any race.
Most of my friends who race in MultiGP and at Drone Nationals this year all like these motors. I would minus a half star -5 for the PDB mounted to the top of the frame. It did not break on mine. Just be aware of this design. When parts come out order another pdb just to be ready if it does. Other than that one issue I love flying this quad and ripping in the field. Now I need a bigger field with all this

Rates used: 0.60 0.60 0.50

– Justin Davis, Drone Camps RC


What’s Included in the box and specs:

Ready to fly
Ready to fly, no need of assembly and calibration.

48CH FPV image transmitter
Designed for professional competitions, adopts standard motor, upgraded 48CH image transmitter, 40CH of them meet the competition standard, RaceBand VTX CAM, compatible with 8 Fatshark channels, transmitter, goggles and display.

PDB supports 3S-6S, integrates XT60, low volatage alarm, LED lights, 5V/12V double circuit BEC, the ESC can be soldered directly.

Emax Skyline32 Acro Flight Controller
Emax Skyline32 Acro flight controller supports manual mode, angle mode, horizon mode, head-holding mode, head-free mode to adapt to players of different proficiency levels.

Motor dock
Equipped with motor dock to protect the motor against external impact.

GOPRO holder
Includes GOPRO carbon fiber holder with adjustable tilt angle from 30-45°, wider field of vision.

Package Contents 1 x JJPRO P200 Frame Kit, 1 x EM-i6 Transmitter, 1 x Skyline32 Acro Flight Controller, 4 x RS2205 2300kv Motor, 4 x Lightning 20A ESC, 1 x 3S 11.1V 1300mAh 30C Battery, 1 x 800TVL Camera, 8 x 5045 Propeller (4*CW 4*CCW Random Color), 4 x Red Motor Base, 1 x Power Connector, 1 x Camera Mount, 1 x Bracket for Gopro, 1 x Antenna, 1 x Charger, 1 x Manual

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