Joby Aviation to put eVTOL vertiports on top of multi-story car parks

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Joby Aviation plans to run its own eVTOL air taxi services in the US, and it’s now working to vastly expand its take-off and landing options, signing new partnerships that will let it put vertiports on top of multi-story car parks across America.

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Helicopters are expensive and noisy. Thus, while they’re a reasonably common sight in the skies, they represent a very tiny fraction of urban travel, and heliports are pretty rare. Electric VTOL air taxis will be much, much cheaper and quieter – they represent a radical democratization of VTOL transport, and the goal of the entire nascent urban air mobility industry is to put thousands of these things in the sky above every major city.

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Source: Loz Blain

Photo credit: Joby Aviation


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