Jumper X68T Micro FPV Whoop Racer Flight Test Review

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Simply bind this Whoop FPV drone to your T8SG Jumper transmitter and fly. No Betaflight needed. Find it BNF here (for use with Jumper T8SG) https://goo.gl/JL9fzW and here RTF with toy transmitter (also binds to T8SG) https://goo.gl/wU89hS Buy the T8SG Jumper universal transmitter is available here https://goo.gl/q1SvYK

– Intended to require no configuration via computer, such as Betaflight. Simply bind the Jumper transmitter using Bayang protocol, and go fly.
– Reasonable nice Whoop flier. Should be a good FPV flier both indoors and out.
– FPV video was nice and clear from its installed camera.

– PID settings were kind of tame out of the box. Although Betaflight is not required, there is a port available for configuration. However it requires an adapter that is not included with the package.
– Setup via Jumper did require reversing both Roll and Yaw stick commands. Hopefully this will be corrected in the final retail version.
– No instructions were included in the box. Switch selection positions for Angle and Acro mode selections had to be learned via trial and error.

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