Lighthouse Beach, WLToys V222 Quadcopter Drone

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Cheap $68 ready-to-fly quadcopter drone with video camera and free shipping! The WLToys V222–Or-Or-Www_banggood_com-Or-Wholesale-Upgrade-Wltoys-V959-V2-2_4G-6-Axis-4CH-RC-Quadcopter-With-Camera-Mode-2-RTF-p-67794_html-p-67794.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3
I have seven other different quadcopters, but I always enjoy flying the V222. Not too small, and not too large. It can fly even in the wind. It’s size is just right so that noise, property damage, or people’s safety is not an issue. Easy to fly, yet can be very nimble. It’s great and best for both beginners and advanced alike. It also has a built-in remote control video camera as demonstrated here. Ready to fly out of the box with camera, memory card, card reader, transmitter, and battery. But you will need 6 AA batteries for the transmitter. How can they make this for $68?

Again, not my usual California Mojave Desert spots for this flight. This flight is located at Presque Isle State Park, Erie PA. Note the top of the lighthouse peeking out through the top of the trees


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