Lincoln Airport Joins FAA Drone Pilot Project

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According to the Lincoln Star Journal, Lincoln Airport is one of the first in the country to test a new registration system for drone users.

Lincoln, along with Cincinnati, Ohio, Reno, Nevada, and San Jose, California, is part of a pilot test project of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability data exchange.

The program, a partnership between the Federal Aviation Administration and private industry, is aimed at getting drone users faster approval to operate in areas of controlled airspace.

Currently, both private and commercial drone users must submit paperwork to the FAA to get permission to operate in controlled areas, a process that currently takes up to three months.

With the new system, drone operators could theoretically get approval — or denial — in as little as a few seconds with a couple of clicks on their phone or computer.

The FAA has provided airspace maps that show the maximum altitude around airports where it may authorize operations by private drone operators. Through third-party applications, a drone operator can request approval to operate in an area, and the FAA can provide a nearly instant “yes” or “no” while also notifying the local air traffic control tower.

Justin Kyser, whose company, Digital Sky, is one of the most active commercial drone operators not only in Lincoln but also the state as a whole, said it’s “pretty cool” that the Lincoln Airport is one of the first airports to use the application. Continue reading about the drone pilot test program.


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