Major Price Decrease On DJI Matrice Series

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Major Price Decrease On DJI Matrice SeriesUAV Experts

UAV Experts announced today a major price decreases on the DJI Matrice Drone Series. Included in this price reduction are the M200, M210, and M210RTK systems, along with the specialty Zenmuse Z30, 30 to 1 zoom camera. The new pricing will allow many more companies and entire industries to benefit from the tremendous capabilities of this innovative equipment.

Agriculture, energy, public safety, construction, infrastructure and more can now gather crucial data and make their data more actionable from the technology these products bring.

UAV Experts offers complete turnkey platform and payload solutions for many industries. Our technical support staff is the best of the best and hundreds of companies have to come to trust us with consultation, deployment and fleet management of their systems. 

We would love to work with your company as well.

Please contact Cliff Whitney @ for more details.

**Note that all DJI Tier 1 Enterprise distributors are under contractual restrictions and are not allowed to display any pricing configurations of these products so click, call or come by the shop to take advantage of these special offers.


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